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Antiespumante (agente antiespumante)

Categoría de productos de Antiespumante (agente antiespumante), somos fabricantes especializados procedentes de China, Agente antiespumante, Antiespumante de alcohol graso proveedores / fábrica, de alta calidad al por mayor productos de Antiespumante de poliéter I + D y fabricación, tenemos el perfecto servicio y soporte técnico post-venta. Esperamos contar con su cooperación!

China Antiespumante (agente antiespumante) Proveedores


l  Can inhibit the foam forming

l  Excellent defoaming property quickly

l  Stable and no separated layer in water based system

l  Good compatibility with water based resin and no floating oil phenomenon


Application and dosage:

l  Water based wood paint/coating

l  Water based industrial paint/coating

l  Water based automotive trim adhesive

l  Emulsion paint/coating

l  Water based coating etc.

Remark: Dilute the WC-DF505 by 3~5 times with water and add it into water based system.


Chemical composition:

l  Modified polydimethylsiloxane polymer


Technical data:

l  Appearance: Yellowish liquid

l  pH (25): 6~7

l  Active ingredient: ~30%

l  Viscosity (25): 500-1000 Cp


Package, Storage and Transportation

l  Available in 200 kg/ barrel or 25 kg/ barrel

l  Storage period: ~12 months in closed containers, shady and dry place


Defoamer (defoaming Agent)

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